Katsucon 2014

This year at Katsucon we spent most of our time organizing and judging the World Cosplay Summit Preliminary. We are very happy with the results of this qualifier ¬†and can’t wait to hopefully see all of the teams at Finals in a few months.

Because of the event we didn’t spend much time in costume or around the convention itself. We did take and wear a total of 5 costumes including


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Finally we have made some major progress! We have completely changed all of the costume icons and are now moving to updating and linking all of the galleries.


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Cleaning Up

So we have been going back and forth over a lot of ideas and what we wanted this website to be and we finally decided that we want it to be a place where we post so of the costumes that we have made as well as tutorials to help those with questions. So while we update everything, please excuse us if any of the links don’t work correctly or something just doesn’t look right.


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