Dyeing a wig is occasionally a necessary evil. We have had to dye wigs several times if you are looking to really get a deep rich color out of your wig, I recommend using Katie Blair wig dye . You just simply spray it on and rinse it out very simple and easy. If you are looking for a more slight color change the “Sharpie Method” is definitely the way to go.

Start by gathering all the necessary supplies:

  • Sharpies (approx six sharpies dyes a medium length wig a shade or two darker)
  • A plastic Cloth (to protect your work surface)
  • Wig
  • Two sets of pliers
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A small plastic disposable tub or a stainless steel bowl
  • Gloves
  • Plastic trash bags

Step One: Gather all the supplies and lay them out in a well ventilated workspace.

Rubbing Alcohol and Squirt bottle

Step Two: Pour into a separate container about half of theAlcohol, you will need this a little later in the process.

Step Three: Using pliers take the Sharpies you have chosen to useĀ  and remove the caps. Then take a pair of pliers and using a back and forward motion separate the tip of the marker from the gray casing.

Step Four: Remove the remainder of the outer pen leaving just the ink well.

Step Five: Using the pliers wring out the ink into the bottle containing half of the rubbing alcohol. Once you have rung out what you can drop the ink well inside the bottle and continue this step until you have used all the sharpies.

Step Six: Shake the mixture and then add the remainder of the alcohol back into the container Shake well again

Step Seven: Repeat steps Two through Six to make a second batch (for the squirt bottle)

Step Eight: Pour the first batch of sharpie mix into the bowl or tub with the wig ** be sure to wear gloves and massage the color into the wig**

Step Nine: allow the wig to soak in the color. every 15 minutes use the squirt bottle to spray more sharpie mix onto the wig in any place that seems may not be taking the color as well. Soak the wig for 4-6 hours. Then pull the wig out and lay out on a plastic trash bag or plastic tarp.

Step Ten: Allow to dry fully before rinsing the wig out in the sink. Using warm water continue to rinse out until no more color runs out of the wig. Lay the wig back out on a clean plastic trash bag and let dry now that it has been rinsed.

Step Eleven: Once completely dry Slowly comb through the wig